Youth Bats – Which are best?

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Feb 26 2014

Finding the right baseball bat for younger players is a difficult task. Below we look at our top choices.

If you are looking to take your game to the next level then it just may be possible with the help of the Rawlings Machine BBCOR bat. This page is dedicated to our review of this bat and aims to show you just how good it can be and provide the benefits it can provide.

The 2012 season was great for Rawlings as they had quite a bit of success in their line of BBCOR bats. The Machine BBMC was a brand new offering for the 2012 season and was reviewed extremely well by those who used it. Using many advanced technologies, hitters were finding they were hitting for more distance and for more power (even when hitting singles).

Advantages the Machine provides

  • Faster swing speeds
  • Two-piece hybrid

As a hitter you are always looking to be one step in front of the pitcher. The Rawlings Machine bat can help you do this. Designed to give the hitter more swing speed and a better feel, you can always feel like you are ready for any pitch coming your way. As the premier BBCOR bat offered by Rawlings, the Machine includes the following advantages.

  • Lowest amount of vibrations – Throughout the handle, Rawlings uses what they call the Passive hybrid damping technology. This technology was designed to eliminate the nasty vibrations that you sometimes can feel if you don’t hit the ball quite right. If this is an issue for you, the Machine is the best at handling this out of all the other Rawlings BBCOR models.
  • More flex – Combining the popular 5150 alloy with an Exogrid handle in a hybrid approach gives the Machines twice as much Flex than the regular one piece 5150 models.
  • Better swings – Using a process of shifting the extra weight required for power to smaller areas in the bat has resulted in no reduction of power but a much lighter and more balanced swing. The Machine will allow you to swing just like a pro!

Sizes available: 31 in/28 oz, 32 in/29 oz, 33 in/30 oz, and 34 in/31 oz

Our View

We felt that this bat promised a lot in terms of performance and found that it completely delivered. One thing that worried us was the mention of shifting the bats power in order to save some of the heavier weight. However we noticed no difference in our swings when using the Rawlings Machine BBCOR bat. View more from: Softball bat reviews.

Welcome to our page dedicated to a Nike Aero M1 BBCOR review, which is one of the nicer looking bats we have looked at. We’re not sure how they do it but Nike seems to be able to turn any piece of equipment into pure gold and their bats are no exception.

For the purposes of this review, we will be looking at the 2012 version of the Nike M1 BT0634. Currently, this bat is also priced to be the least expensive in their line of BBCOR approved bats (retails at just under $200). Considering how good the brand is, that could be considered a steal!

Pro’s of the Aero M1 BT0634

  • Longer barrel
  • Comfortable grip

One of the more popular brand names of all time, Nike has been helping athletes from a wide variety of sports achieve their goals. They normally put their products through an extreme amount of testing to make sure they can help athletes of all ages realize their goals. From a hitting perspective, the goal is to produce the most offense possible. To do this, the Nike Aero M1 includes the following main features:

  • Long barrel design – Even though the M1 features the largest allowable sweetspot width, it also features a longer barrel to provide a larger hitting surface. Obviously the bigger the surface area the more hits you can destroy.
  • Enhanced End cap – Going above and beyond the regular end cap you find on most bats, this Nike BBCOR bat features an Aero cap. This end cap promises to be more aerodynamic than your regular end cap and provide more explosiveness through your swing.
  • Comfortable swing – The swing of the Aero M1 is exceptional. It felt very light but powerful at the same time. The handle is surrounded in synthetic leather which gives a little extra cushion and comfort around the hands.

Sizes available: 31 in/28 oz, 32 in/29 oz, 33 in/30 oz, and 34 in/31 oz

Our View

Recreational players, or players who are still undecided, should take a look at this bat for your upcoming season. The Aero itself is available in 3 different models which will also be reviewed on this site. The Nike Aero M1 BBCOR bat itself is the least expensive of the three and is well worth the investment. Who knows, if you enjoy it you may upgrade to the premier model as well!

Little League Baseball Bats – Two Popular Brands

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Feb 26 2014

A lot of parents find it hard to find the perfect baseball bat for their kids. You should not focus mainly in teaching your kid about the right batting techniques and applying the right pitch. You also need to know that the designs of bats vary greatly depending on the player. There are bats designed for senior leagues, as well as for Little Leagues.

An individual’s interest in baseball usually starts at an early age. If you need to invest on a new bat, you should be familiar with the different brands of Little League baseball bats. Each brand offers a wide range of models with varied styles, materials, and qualities. At present, the most popular brands for the Little League baseball bats are DeMarini and Easton.

Easton Little League Baseball Bats
Bats under this brand come with comfortable grip. Despite the powerful barrels, the bats are lightweight. Most bats under Easton are priced over $200, and can be expensive for many players. However, you shouldn’t be discouraged because there are also reasonably priced ones that will surely fit into your budget. Some bats are crafted from high tech alloys, wood, and aluminum. This has made the brand one of the leaders when it comes to innovation.

Back in the seventies, aluminum bats was very popular, and Easton launched its own product line of the same material. It can be said that this brand is a good choice. Most bats under this brand come with double walls. If you are a serious player, you will surely be able to appreciate this baseball bat.

DeMarini Little League Baseball Bats
Like Easton, DeMarini is also a reputable brand in the baseball industry. The brand first came into the scene back in the nineties, and since then, the brand is recognized for its innovative products. You can choose among a wide range of bats that are designed for baseball, softball, and slow pitch.

Unlike other popular brands, DeMarini offers bats below $100, as well as ones that are priced over $300. With the many bats available in the market under this brand, you will be able to pick one that fits into your budget.

Now that you are familiar with the two most popular brands of Little League baseball bats, you will be able to make an informed purchase. Baseball bats make great gifts to kids who love playing the game. If you have a child, you should take your time in shopping around. Know the available options under the Easton and DeMarini brands. You also need to know the features and benefits of the Little League baseball bats. By doing your homework, you can make an informed purchase. You will be able to purchase one that is priced just right, and helps in making a better player.

What are you waiting for? Start your search today and compare the Easton and DeMarini Little League baseball bats that you like. You can see many from here: Baseball-Stuff – BEST little league baseball bats. Through comparison, you will be able to choose the best baseball bat. Good luck in all your games!

Baseball Cleats- For a More Improved Baseball Play

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Feb 26 2014

Baseball games are known to be extremely rewarding and fun. They make people happy and excited and let them understand the real value of teamwork. They are a perfect way to exercise both the minds and the bodies.
To excel in this kind of sport, it is essential to have the proper gear with baseball cleats. Baseball cleats are specifically designed for slippery surfaces and turfs. They are known as athletic shoes with a wide array of studs at the bottom. As per the studs, they help and assist players of running and moving better on muddy grass and wet concrete surface.

As per its composition, baseball cleats are manufactured of leather. They are polished and treated for a more flexible and smoother surface. A leather material is also absorbent enough for dyeing and stamping. These studs are composed of materials: plastic, rubber, and metal. They are also manufactured based on the expertise and playing surface of players. For younger players, they are suggested to use plastic cleats that may likely cause injuries.

Baseball cleats are classified into different kinds; combination, detachable and molded. As for detachable, this is removed and restored with the remaining studs. Nevertheless, they are less sturdy as compared to the permanent ones. They form gaps between the sole and the stud.

When it comes to the combination kind of baseball cleat, this is manufactured of both plastic and metal in various shapes and lengths. This kind of baseball cleat is being used for wet and muddy surfaces due to their excellent control and grip for responsive moves on smooth surfaces. This is also being used for softball and football. The last kind is the molded baseball cleat that is manufactured of rubber or plastic. This is permanently fixed on the soles. This is a lot cheaper but may need expensive repairs.

In regard with purchasing baseball cleats, there are important things to consider such as the stud length and fit. For the stud length, ensure that the size is perfect for the baseball surface. Short-sized studs can work well with hard surfaces. On the other hand, long-sized studs are perfect for soil. As a new father, I can express enough how much you have to research products. For our newest baby we made the mistake of choosing the wrong monitor that doesn’t fit our lifestyle at all. But thanks to the Wifi Baby 3, we were able to find one that fits our house perfectly. You should apply the same level of research when looking into cleats.

Ensure that the shoes are able to fit perfectly. The exact fit must be judged by ensuring that the feet rest firmly with the soles. This way, it is possible to feel the traction and control of the speed. There is a perfect pair of Velcro or buckled straps to find in the market.

Among the things to consider, the fit is considered to be the most significant one. Always remember that despite the good quality of the baseball cleats; they will not cause too much discomfort. A baseball enthusiast may try baseball cleats at the store but should also consider baseball socks. This footwear must feel comfortable and must not hit interior and front part of the cleats.

The Right Clothing for Baseball Drills

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Feb 25 2014

Just like any sport in the world, wearing the right clothing for baseball training or drill also play a very significant role. Today, sports clothing has reflected the dress codes, fashions, standards and morals of the group or society when playing this sport. No matter what sport you play, functionality, comfort, freedom to move as well as safety of the player is an utmost importance. When selecting the right clothing for baseball training drills and trainings there are several aspects that you have to keep in mind.

Baseball is considered as one of the most popular pastime among Americans. In order to become more proficient in this game, right drills and trainings is important. The clothing for basement is also an imperative aspect to remember. The clothing for baseball has also evolved through the years just like the baseball equipment. Today, the gloves are now available in various materials that can provide the best protection.

The modern sports clothing has also changed not just for the player to enhance his skills and abilities, but also to obtain the freedom of movement. Additionally, the player can also have the chance to get extra safety and protection as well. One essential aspect of baseball clothing is the durability. As you know, modern clothing for baseball is also designed in order to endure the rigors related with baseball training as well as the repetitive drills.

Baseball clothing has changed obviously in the history of baseball game. This is now known as clothing that is specifically engineered and designed to suit the harshness of the game, so that the player can obtain the right protection and comfort intended to obtain their complete potential. Additionally, modern clothing for baseball also include protective gears such as helmets, padding and others, which can provide the best protection, so that the player can still have the chance to play without worrying about the dangers of playing the game.

As a matter of fact, there is also some underwear that is designed for baseball players. This will help them to get more protection as they are intended to give more protection especially for the males.

When considering which of the several types and brands of baseball clothing to buy, it is very important to remember that you need to get the best one that is high in quality and durability. Since you will be using this clothing when practicing for the baseball, be sure that it will not easily worn-out in order to assure that you can acquire the durability and protection. Baseball drills can be exhausting, if you don’t have the right clothing, it can be hard for you to success Clothing for baseball is indeed one of the most important aspects that you need to remember if you love baseball. You have to find for the best brand of clothing that is suitable for you to play the baseball.

Finally, to assure that you can have the best experience in baseball, the use of the right clothing is important (Source: Best Pet Hair Vacuums HEADQUARTERS). You need to be comfortable when playing.